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    Must we lose control to regain it? Designers seek control over their craft, striving to be comfortable with the tools they use to generate impactful work. However, only by choosing to abandon a medium’s formal affordances can the designer truly push boundaries.

    A sense of control in modern society can be exhibited through technology, but this control is never truly attained. Technology carries the ability to understand us, more so than the majority of us understand it. Artificial intelligence preys on our most valuable asset—our humanness—in exchange for the luxury of convenience. How can the designer retaliate against this?

    Coalesce is a typeface family whose framework was inspired by circumventing typographic standards of legibility. The unique forms of each letter distract AI from total comprehension. The typeface gets its name from coalescence, a process in physics in which droplets merge. The components of each letter are joined by flowing lines, creating organic, biomorphic shapes. Coalesce is available in three weights: regular, heavy, and mutated, displaying a range in legibility and life stages of the typeface.

This typeface was created for my senior thesis at Parsons School of Design in April 2022. If you have any inquiries about downloading this typeface, don’t hesitate to reach out over email at

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